David works with industry leaders to strengthen leadership and communication skills. He is especially skilled in working with leaders to understand and build their capabilities in the areas of emotional intelligence and leadership skills. He enjoys working with leaders at a variety of management levels, successfully helping them navigate the challenges of their professional life.

David’s coaching is grounded in his 20 year background working in a variety of business roles. His business experience ranges from owner managed businesses to international Fortune 500 firms.

David’s approach is practical and customized to each particular business. Leaders value his ability to understand the current business environment and market pressures. He uses a variety of leading assessment tools and can also design a customized 360 development process to enable the most personalized and targeted development feedback to his clients.


As a business leader, David has a rich perspective on individual and organizational dynamics. His expertise in emotional intelligence, behavior change, and communication styles enables him to quickly identify strategies for improving performance, resolving conflict in the workplace and creating balance between work and life.

Representative assignments include:

  • Chairman, International Media Governing Commission
  • Country Head, Global Technology Firm
  • President, International Movie &TV Equipment Firm
  • COO, Aviation Services Company
  • Vice-President, Global Automotive Parts Manufacturer
  • Partner, International Law Firm
  • Senior Leader, Global Information Technology Company
  • High Potential, Global Pharmaceutical Company


David has an extensive consulting background in the Human Capital field and works with organizations to develop leadership capacity, onboard new leaders and work with emerging leaders and high potentials. He works with individuals and teams to improve performance and to manage conflict.

David has served as a Director at Bayer, a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company creating strategy and strong relationships with customers and consumers. He led an award winning international team as Team Leader for Iovate Health Sciences working with Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer where his company was chosen Supplier of the Year. David has held leadership roles at firms that include Unilever, News Corporation and Ernst and Young.

"I engaged David as an Executive Coach in my capacity as a Leader at a global automotive manufacturer. In a fast paced, demanding and exciting environment, David was able to help me gain insights into our organization and successfully match my leadership abilities with the needs of my people and the organization. David asks profound questions that allowed me to explore what was important for me and our organization, toward becoming a better, more effective leader. David has a way of painting pictures verbally that allowed me to “see” and understand some very important concepts in leadership and emotional intelligence. David was a pleasure to work with!"

M, P.Eng., Global Automotive Manufacturing Leader    


Are happy doing what you’re doing?

2/3 of employees in a 2016 Gallup Poll reported that they were unhappy in their current roles. Considering the amount of time you spend in your career, that’s far too much time doing what you don’t want to be doing.

Your ideal career, according to Frederick Buechner lies within these words:

The place you are called to is where your deep gladness and the world’s greatest hunger meet.

Are you Career Changing?

Looking for a New Job?

Experiencing a Restructure?

Want to find your purpose and passion in life?

Are you a student looking to find your career direction or determine an area of study?

To accomplish any one of these you’ll need a few things:

A Clear Career Vision - Where are you going and what your purpose & passion? There is a way to understand this.

A Great Resume – Does your resume tell people what you can do for them? David can build you a resume that will lead you to great results.

Interview Like a Pro - Can you show them that you fit if you decide that they are a fit for you? David can help you develop your interviewing skills so that you can demonstrate your ability to succeed in the role.

Network Effectively – Are you meeting with at least 5 people each week who can either refer you to other contacts or are in a position to hire you, even when there is no role posted? David is a master networker and can help you develop the key skills required to speak to hiring managers or people who can refer you to a hiring manager.

David has managed two of his own career transitions and has worked as an associate at some of the the world’s leading Career Transition firms.

" I was fortunate to work with David as an Executive Career Transition Coach at a very important time in my career. After relocating back to Canada, I found myself looking at my career options having held progressively senior executive roles. David’s understanding, insight, empathy, emotional intelligence and powerful questioning allowed me to explore my values, skills and career vision, enabling me to land a great role that worked for both myself and my family. His vast knowledge in creating career vision, resume development, industry and company targeting, effective networking and interviewing was much appreciated."

LB, Transportation Executive

" I worked with David in his capacity as an Executive Career Transition Coach after a corporate re-organization found me looking for a next step in my career. Having held progressively more senior leadership roles in warehousing and distribution operations, I was looking to find the right company and the right role. David had the knowledge in all of the critical areas of career transition – career visioning, resume development, industry and company targeting, effective networking and interviewing and job offer negotiation. His insight and energy were invaluable. I am happy to report that I have found a great role at a great company, thankful for David’s guidance and really enjoyed working with him.

AL, Warehousing and Distribution Operations Leader


  • Do you have life goals and dreams you haven’t yet achieved?
  • Are there obstacles in your way to reaching them?
  • Are you challenged by a significant relationship?
  • Do you want to do more with your life?
  • Are you experiencing significant challenge and change?
  • Are you dealing with divorce or separation?
  • Are you interested in creating a retirement vision?

My client’s often spend a lot of time focusing on career and very little time focused on themselves and their lives. Life coaching is a way to return to balance, focus on important things and live a more fulfilled life.

I believe that how you do anything is how you do everything. Focusing on living a more joyful life, removing factors that diminish joyful living can have positive effects on your career. What you focus on, develops.

" I worked with David at a time when life threw a serous curve ball that affected my family, my work and my goals . Many things were on hold or auto pilot.  David was a significant ally in helping me see the challenges more clearly, identify the opportunities and give me the tools to decide the directions I needed to take with work and life. By being curious and inspiring, David helped me navigate an interesting life stage and come through it successfully! His mixture of business acumen, emotional intelligence and willingness to dive into complicated matters were invaluable in my journey with work, my life and family. I would recommend David as an Executive Coach and Life Coach to anyone and I would look forward to working with him again. I continue today successfully on my life journey.

 B.A., Technology Executive Toronto


In my 20s and again my 40s, I experienced anxiety and panic attacks. I was severely affected and yet successfully found a way through anxiety and panic attacks.

You don't have to suffer with anxiety and panic attacks. 

I've been through it and I can help.

To better serve the clients that have been referred to me, I received a Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) from the Hincks-Dellcrest Centre in Toronto. CBT is widely recognized as the leading therapy for anxiety and panic Attacks.

Panic attacks can occur without warning, accompanied by sudden feelings of terror. Physically, an attack may cause chest pain, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness, abdominal discomfort, feelings of unreality and fear of dying. When a person avoids situations that he or she fears may cause a panic attack, his or her condition is described as panic disorder with agoraphobia (fear of open or public places).

Fast Facts about Mental Illness (CMHA).

  • Mental illness indirectly affects all Canadians at some time through a family member, friend or colleague.
  • In any given year, 1 in 5 people in Canada will personally experience a mental health problem or illness.
  • Mental illness affects people of all ages, education, income levels, and cultures.
  • Approximately 8% of adults will experience major depression at some time in their lives.
  • Anxiety disorders affect 5% of the household population, causing mild to severe impairment.

If you or someone in your family is suffering from anxiety or panic attacks, contact me.

"David was empathetic, understanding and gave me insight into the relationship between anxiety, panic attacks and depression. It felt so good to talk about it with someone who had not only experienced what I was experiencing, but knew a way out. David was able to guide me to resources in my community and enable me to talk about something I'd never spoken to anyone about. I am happy to say that panic attacks are behind me and anxiety is something I manage well."

LH, Professional

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